Healing Music

1. Deep Sleep Music 10 Mins 

Relaxing piano music with sleep wave (delta wave) that helps to deepen sleep by stabilizing brain waves

2. Study Music 1 Hour

1 hour study, deep focus music to improve memory, concentration, and brain power, made of alpha waves, sea waves, low and high piano sound that I played on my digital piano

3. Deep Sleep Sound 20 Mins
Hand beat sound to help you fall asleep ASMR

4. Headache Relief Music 30 Mins
Headache relief music to cool down the heated head and warm the lower body to keep body healthy and balanced. It's composed of digital piano sound I myself played, pieces of slim bamboo, and stream sound and footages I recorded and filmed in Yangjaecheon.

5. Deep Sleep Music 30 Mins
Relaxing piano music with Korean drum (janggu) and sleep wave (delta wave) that helps to deepen sleep by stabilizing brain waves

6. Deep Sleep Sounds Rain 8 Hours
Sleeping sounds rain and delta waves for 8 hours to make you fall asleep fast and deep by stabilizing brain waves

7. Tinnitus Relief Sound Therapy 30 Mins
White noise and sounds in nature in various ranges of pitch that can distract you from hearing annoying sounds to help relieve tinnitus symptoms

8. Deep Sleep Music 1 Hour
Relaxing music with sleep wave (delta wave), string sounds made from digital piano, and Korean drum janggu that help to deepen sleep by stabilizing brain waves

9. Migraine Relief Music 1 Hour
Music for migraine relief, headache relief, chest pain relief, back head pain relief, shoulder pain, stress relief, clearing and refreshing your mind

10. Tinnitus Relief Sound Therapy 20 Mins
Various ranges of pitches and sounds of instruments like bell, gong, and woodstick that can distract you from hearing annoying sounds to relieve tinnitus

11. Anxiety Relief Music 1 Hour
Soothe and calm down your anxious, nervous, stressful mind while listening to the music with meditative piano, gong and bell sounds and watching the light and darkness of the passage through which a subway passes underground.

12. Headache Relief Music 20 Mins
The music in the video includes stream sounds and relaxing piano music of my own, tuned with the related pitch of ‘the 3rd eye’ that is the 6th chakra located on the forehead and causes headaches, blurred vision, sinus issues, etc. if imbalanced.

13. Anger Relief Music
Music with the wave sounds of the East Coast of Korea, shamanic drum healing beat sound played with Donghaean Byeolsingut Janggu, and a healing frequency that is good for relieving stress and strengthening your immunity